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I have information that could be of help, but time is some what of an obstacle. So hear me out ... I can only suggest to you to put a ad in your local paper (asking for a random act of kindness to help with this situation) most papers will put an ad for free as long as you are not selling anything. You may even go to those in a higher position in the school your children attend ( since they are a "Christian school") and ask if they will forgive the balance that you owe them for the children's sake. I am sure that your intentions of giving your children the "gift of graduating with other students" was well intended and that the loan and payment plan for their education was made in "good faith". I believe you fully intended on making the payments , but circumstances beyond your control ( your accident and your husband's mental illness) has caused unforeseeable financial problems which prevented that . You can explain that in the ad or to the school officials who ever you decide to ask . This situation is not a good one and is not only causing distress in your life but it is causing a lot of stress in your son and daughter's life too. You have to pull up your boot straps and get creative ... Call local Churches and other places that help with "emergency financial assistance" in your community and ask if they can make a direct deposit towards the debt at the school.
If the $ 4,600 seems too much for you to ask anyone person for , break up the $ 4,600 dollars into 46 - $100.00 - dollar requests , What ever you decide to do time is of the essence and you need to act quickly. Start making phone calls and requesting help . I am hoping for the children's sake , and yours that there will be a kind and generous person who will be able to quickly assist you .

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